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Event-based.org is a community portal that concentrates efforts in event-based computing -- scattered across several scientific and professional communities -- in one organized point. The portal aims to collect references to research and development initiatives, encourage discussion about practical insights, and report on experiences in event-based computing.

Informally, events represent state transitions of interest to applications, systems, and users. Event-based computing is concerned with abstractions, models, and algorithms for the effective representation, processing, and management of events.

Event-based.org targets researchers and practitioners interested in "everything events", featuring a Link Collection with more than 900 references, an RSS-enabled Event Calendar announcing conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, a Community Wiki to foster discussion, and a set of archived mailing lists for the dissemination of relevant information.

If you want to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us under Contact us via e-mail unter contact at event-based....

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